FamilyPulse aims to explore modern parenting and all its complexities. I believe parenting no longer allows us to enjoy freedoms that existed a few decades ago. A deeper understanding of our physical and emotional needs creates more pressure for parents because we become more aware of the consequences. Add technology that never existed at the beginning of my own life, well I think you get the point.

Let’s discuss and explore the solutions together. Maybe we can reach agreement on the best methods to raise children in this fast changing world and learn new approaches to solving family matters.

Family Pulse Author

I’m Ryan and I have a strong desire to share my good times…and bad times, as a parent. So after some discussion, my partner Zara and I came up with the FamilyPulse page on Facebook. Then we decided to take it to blogging, begin the YouTube channel and set some big objectives for our parenting community. It’s all very new and we’re still working out the strategy to make it work. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can all have a laugh and shares important experiences.

My Online Skills

I’ll use my skills as a professional Web Developer to share my families experiences using every tool online. We want to grow a community, build a trusted brand and give something back. With my ability to build websites I’ll create a unique experience for everyone.

Starting Family


drawing time

Another productive day!

I want multiple families involved in the creation of content for Family Pulse. So we’ll be referring to our own family as the Starting Family. I have four children to ensure the stories keep coming and my other half works full-time as a care worker. She pulls 12-hour shifts, three days in a row, while I have the kids. I’m the full-time Dad, a stay-at-home father, the guy that drew the short-straw…just kidding! I enjoy it and you might learn why if you browse our blog.


The Children

We’re still a young family, we’ve got a lot to learn, but we’ve already learned enough to blog for the rest of 2017. Here is why…

  • Summer (7) – excelling at School and playing Roblox too much…already!
  • Keira (4 almost 5) – amazing energy, woke up 3-5 times a night until just recently!
  • Grayson (2) – a breath of fresh air, possibly autistic (yet to be diagnosed).
  • Kitsy (7 months) – didn’t make a sound after being born, now she is LOUD!