App of the Month is Aniscience

App of the Month is Aniscience

Aniscience App IntroLearning is fun when apps work and don’t display ads. Those are the apps I’ll be reviewing in our App of the Month series. The first recommended app is Aniscience and the screenshots tell a lot.

Aniscience invites us underground where we become a mouse and explore the habitats of other creatures. We can even go to the surface using various tunnels dug through the dirt and plant roots.  A magnifying glass lets us examine everything, with an information card telling us all about the plants, insects, mammals and even pondlife.

This new app is very small for now but Keira (4) has returned to it twice. Things through the eyes of children seem so much larger, we must remember this! I was happy to discover that the app’s creators are working on an update which I’ve assumed will add more habitats. I do hope they extend the existing one though because there is so much more to be found underground.

Aniscience is available on Google Play and Windows 10.

Free…Until When?

We rarely purchase apps in our household, but we do when they impress us and this app impresses us. So we’ll buy it the moment it goes premium and offers a little more. I’d be very surprised if it stays 100% free. I suspect that the updates coming soon will offer areas (animal environments) that are locked until purchased.

I wish the developer(s) well on this project and hope they make a good profit. There is an official site which shows a nice video, with graphics not seen in the app itself.

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